You've seen them in our Hangry Eyes music video, now hear real-world stories about hanger attacks from our stars. Yep, even Sexy Sax Man gets hangry. 


Sergio Flores aka Sexy Sax Man

Yes, Sexy Sax Man gets hangry. Food is his number one vice, and he has a message for you: Do not eff with his order. 




Christina Calph aka Hangry Girl

Calph, who plays "Hangry Girl" in the video, talks about her experiences with hunger and anger. Spoiler alert: When she's hangry, she doesn't like to admit it. 


Sam Saletta aka Host/Singer

This crooner might just have outdone the '80s original (yes, he actually sang the track featured in the video), but Saletta's hanger story takes you inside a not-so-happy moment in his music career. 



Curtis Hand aka Chicken Head Man

Bet you didn't recognize him without a chicken on his head. Actor and model Hand plays a very unique dancer in our music video, and here he shares his tales of hunger (with a bod like that, you know he isn't eating enough).