Hanger is the combination of hunger and anger.

Hangry people act out in destructive ways, make bad dining decisions and are generally annoying to be around. The most obvious tell-tale symptom is known as hangry eyes. 


  • Back-to-back meetings in which one has no time for lunch
  • Visiting a restaurant with an absurdly long wait time
  • Having indecisive friends who don’t know what they want to order
  • Slow service at a restaurant where a staff member appears to be “out to lunch”
  • Being in a neighborhood with simply too many choices
  • Hanging out with someone who has “already eaten”
  • Poor breakfast and snack decisions
  • Unrealistic expectations of when your dish will appear at the table
  • Poor communication and/or lies from restaurant host staff
  • Slow or mismanaged kitchens unable to keep up with a busy pace
  • The table next to you getting their food first even though you’ve been there longer
  • Being unable to get high-quality and correct information on where to dine nearby


  • Irritability (60% experience this)
  • Impatience (50%)
  • Light-headedness (31%)
  • Whininess (20%)
  • Listlessness (12%)
  • Crying / Other (1%) 


  • Eating too fast (58% experience this) 
  • Making regretful dining decisions (45%)
  • Alienating a loved one (20%) 
  • Behaving rudely to a restaurant employee (12%)

You don’t like your friends when they’re hangry, but don’t hold it against them.

61% of hangry individuals admit to being either somewhat or not at all in control of their behavior. 




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