The 5 Best Dishes To Cure Your Hanger

When hanger strikes you need to act quickly and strategically. These dishes are all cheap, easily accessible in most urban settings and able to eradicate your feelings of rage and discontentment with only a few bites.



Fried chicken sandwich 

Destroys hanger with the ultimate one-two punch: the combination of fried goodness; and copious amounts of protein that will slay any traces of aggression, anxiety and/or psychotic behavior with just a few bites. Fried chicken sandwiches are having a moment lately, with many chefs gussying up the fast-food favorite, so they’re available just about anywhere you look.



Pizza of any kind

Our personal go-to when trying to quickly eradicate hanger – pizzas contain massive amounts of mozzarella cheese, which puts dopamine production in the brain into overdrive (it's scientifically similar to taking drugs). Bonus: tomatoes cure depression! All that lycopene and whatnot. Pizza is also one of the quickest foods to attain when hanger strikes – it's usually available in less than five minutes from your local slice joint. (And you can get it delivered just about anywhere in the world. Not all foods come TO YOU.)



Hamburger or cheeseburger

Take three or four bites of a burger and you’re full. THAT's how effective burgers are at curing hanger. Some genius back in the 1940s realized this and decided to create the fast-food industry based on this principle. Humanity hasn't been the same since. For maximum hanger-curing ability, we recommend topping it with bacon and cheese.



The taco

Tortillas are pretty much a delivery system for hanger-busting ingredients. But the best thing about tacos? They're often available right on the streets when hanger strikes. For less than $5 you can usually procure them from a street cart or counter-service spot in less than 10 minutes.


Hot dogs

Another streetside savior, hot dogs take almost no preparation and can be eaten easily in less than 10 seconds (some have even made a career out of this fact). As for nutritional content? Let’s not worry about that. But down one of these and your hanger will end, guaranteed.